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Scratching the Surface of the Science of Sound Healing

Updated: May 14


And we are going to do exactly as the title said — scratch the surface of the amazing topic of the science of sound healing!

girl playing crystal alchemy singing bowls on the beach in la jolla san diego

Through leading trainings and events focused on sound, one of the amazing observations I have made is that each sound bath gives you a different experience, and each person experiences the sound bath differently.

In other words, no two experiences from a sound bath will be the same.

Sure you might feel similar effects: relaxation, better sleep, more peaceful thoughts … but the journey your body and mind take to receive those is going to be unique each and every time.

Sound can travel through any medium, and so when you receives vibrations from a sound healing instrument, it travels through your skin, your bones, your cells, and everything in between. It sends literal waves through your being to help re-callibrate and harmonize your body’s natural frequency.

On another level, it is also entraining your brainwaves to encourage you from Beta (the brainwave you are in right now: processing information and actively paying attention) to Alpha (a more relaxed and mindful state) to possibly Theta (meditative, intuitive state where restoration can begin to happen) and possibly all the way to Delta (deep sleep and rejuvenation).

It’s important to remember that it is never guaranteed where you will go with a sound bath, and I often say “you will go where you allow yourself to go.”

Sound healing instruments can offer a beautiful and efficient way to reach meditative states, and that’s why it is becoming so popular. Meditation is so beneficial, and this ancient modality makes it very accessible.

One last thing:

Your voice is actually your most potent sound healing instrument! Take a few moments to hummmmm or repeat a Bija mantra and notice how it makes you feel. The simple act of using your voice as a sound healing instrument can be life-changing!

A teacher once said to me “let it be life-changing”, as if I have the power to allow anything to be life-changing! That affirmation has stuck with me, and I choose to allow sound to change my life. Luckily, science backs me up too!

If you found this post useful, feel free to leave me a comment or question of other topics you’d like me to cover!

Thanks for being here!

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