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Welcome to an extension of our business...

We are thrilled to share an extension to Wellness with Nazli. Born out of a passion hobby, The Sisters Bazaar came to be when my sister Lida and I (Nazli) began thrifting cute vintage items. I make candles out gorgeous one-of-a-kind bases, and my sister finds vintage books and trinkets. My mom later joined the team because she has an eye for spotting GOLD at the vintage markets, and so the 3 of us happily find beautiful treasures across the globe at second hand shops, and either sell them as is, or by upcycling them to give them a new life. This is our way of helping the planet reduce waste, and helping our homes look a little more beautiful and unique!

You can stay in touch on IG @thesistersbazaar to see what we are up to, and stay in the loop with our story sales where you can have the chance to purchase some of our items! We also have a few items listed on our Etsy store here!


Candles are only sold at my events throughout San Diego, and at Second Time Around in Lake Havasu, Arizona. If you'd like to coordinate a viewing of the current collection, please email to set up a virtual or in-person shopping experience! You can also commission us to create candles for you or your loved ones for special occasions, or just because!

For those of you who buy candles: the bases are reusable! Once you are nearing the end of your candle, blow out the flame and let the wax dry. Then when it is not hot anymore you can pour some hot water on it, spoon out any crystals and gems you want to keep (spoon them on to a towel to protect your hands and wipe off excess wax) and you can wash the base to be reused as whatever you'd like! Many of these items are gems from across the states and across timelines, so they deserve to be loved on forever!


Our candles are made from a coconut/soy wax blend, with lead & zinc free wicks with natural wax coating, and non-toxic essential oil fragrances. They are decorated with crystals, gemstones, and natural herbs.


Enjoy ◡̈.

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