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How Does Sound Healing Work?

Picture yourself digging a hole to plant flowers. Hands in the soil, dirty and sweating. Digging and digging.

hiking in sedona picking flowers

You eventually begin to pull out old roots, and old life and junk that has been shoved so deep into the ground.

Drawing it up, and then adding fresh soil and fertilizer. Discarding anything that is harming the vitality of the new growth, and repurposing and balancing out anything that is still good but just needs freshening up.

That is what a sound bath is doing to every layer of your being.

It's carrying you through the beautiful cycle of relaxing, releasing, and replenishing.

This all sounds beautiful, but how exactly does sound healing work? Let’s dive in…

crystal alchemy singing bowls on the beach in la jolla


Sound baths help you relax by entraining your brainwaves. Studies have shown sound baths have the ability to pull you from a Beta brainwave state to Alpha, and even into Theta or Delta! Each state corresponding to slower brainwaves and leading you towards full body rejuvenation, rest, and possibly healing.


When you dip into slower brainwave states (Theta and Delta), you can begin to tap into the subconscious and unconscious mind. It is here that you are able to release old patterns and traumas, move stagnation, and rebalance your system as a whole.


Sound baths rebalance every layer of you. Through recalibrating your cells and physical body, to offering a massage for your energy system, to allowing you to slow down and enter deep meditative states. You generally come out feeling more rested and vibrant. Many guests even mention they receive the best sleep ever afterwards!

In the end, everyone’s experience is different, and there is no linear path in sound healing. Want to try a free sound bath? Check out my latest virtual sound bath on my YouTube channel!

OR, if you are in San Diego, come try it out in person!

Come join me at Yoga on C on 6/9 for our monthly experiential Sound Bath & Cacao Ceremony to feel the magical effects of a variety of sound healing instruments! AND I'm excited to share that on 7/15-7/16 I am hosting a 2-day Sound Healing Immersion for those interested in learning more about this art, and incorporating it into their lives. Early bird pricing for the training is available through June 15!!!

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