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How My Life Changed in 2019...

The world is vast, and the natural medicines and healing modalities we have are, at times, indescribable. I am thankful to have discovered sound healing as a part of my journey, but it wasn’t until my last trip to Peru in 2019 that it altered my life.

I had some time alone at the end of my trip in the city of Cusco. I spent a lot of it wandering the streets, popping into shops, and people watching. I saw a sign for a yoga studio and poked my head in to see what classes they offered. They had a sound bath that evening. I signed up.

At that point I didn’t know what a pure sound bath could entail. When I arrived 2 young men were setting up crystal and Tibetan bowls, drums, a didgeridoo, and much more. There were 5 of us attending the class. We laid down, cozied up with props, and the experience began.

For 90 minutes I was transported to the depths of my consciousness I didn’t know existed. I felt like I time traveled, was immersed in visualizations, detached from my body and my everyday thoughts. I went…far away, but at the same time felt so grounded and safe. By the time the journey was done I felt like a new world had been unlocked. We sat around and talked for about 30 minutes, and then one by one we all went our separate ways.

It was at that gathering that I knew I wanted to understand this, I wanted to work with this, and I wanted to share this. And so a new chapter began…

After my experience in Peru I made it a point to attend sound bath events, and each journey was very different but equally releasing and replenishing.

I began to play with more instruments, and found my lifelong love for playing music was pouring out of me again. As a child I played any instrument I could get my hands on, and did quite well for many years with my trumpet. I could hear a song and replicate it quickly, and just had so much FUN. It felt effortless and intuitive.

Entering high school I gave up on music as it didn’t feel like the “cool thing” to do at my age. So silly. What’s even more funny is that I definitely wasn’t “cool” — with or without my instruments 😆.

Years passed, and I’m finding myself drawn to music and instruments in a way that felt suppressed for a long time. This time with instruments that have unique healing properties.

I’m so thankful an aimless walk through the streets of Cusco, and my husband who gifted me my first crystal singing bowl, gave me a big nudge towards this route.

From here sound healing went from being a casual interest to … well, if you know me, you know ◡̈.

This story will continue to unfold, but for now, this is the story of how sound healing changed my life just a few years ago... <3

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