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You Have To Start Somewhere ...


I almost don’t know where to start, but I have to start somewhere right?

I have a lot to share, and I will, but what I landed on to start this journey is a bit of advice for my yoga teachers <3 A bit of advice I wish someone had shared with me as I navigated the path of being/becoming a yoga teacher, and how I stumbled into my best years of teaching…

I spent many years following movement rules that someone else had told me was…

  1. The right way to teach

  2. The correct alignment for everybody

  3. How students wanted to be taught…

Oof, that last one. I can't deny that that was partially self-imposed. I thought students wanted something specific out of me. Something that I may not be able to provide them…It took me some time in the field (OK, a lot of time), a strong sense of confidence, and continued education from a variety of sources and modalities to discover and trust my teaching style.

To my new teachers and future teachers: you get to choose the right way for you to teach, the right alignment for your body, and never subscribe to an idea of “how people want to be taught.” Do you, and your people will find you, and love you, and evolve with you.

How to do this:

  1. Trust yourself

  2. Study, take classes, immerse yourself in modalities you love, LEARN & EDUCATE yourself

  3. Have the courage to teach what you love

Don't be afraid to mess up, to not make sense, to not attract a ton of students, to lose students ... once again: when you are true to what you love, your people will find you, and love you, and evolve with you.

I'll leave you with that today. Let that marinate ◡̈.

All my love!

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