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Reignite Your Creativity as a Yoga Teacher

Updated: 5 days ago

Teaching yoga is a beautiful and fulfilling skill to develop, but there will be times along your teaching career that you don’t feel inspired to create a sequence. It is the inevitable ebb and flow of life that some days you are ultra creative, and some days it feels like your brain just won’t work.

You may also feel like you have said the same thing a thousand times, and you’ve repeated Warrior 2 to Reverse Warrior even more. How can you move past a creative block?

yoga teacher practicing side angle pose in public

Here are 3 tips to help move you past this hump!

  1. Take class from another teacher. Taking class is one of the most effective ways to find inspiration. Go to your favorite studio, try someone new, or hop on to YouTube. Take someone else’s flow, and allow yourself to be guided and held.

  2. Take a break from teaching. This might not be super ideal, or even do-able at times, but it is necessary! Sometimes you just need a break. Take the weekend off, get a class or two subbed out, and let yourself do anything else aside from teaching. You can come back refreshed and ready to teach from your heart!

  3. Self practice with no agenda. Roll out your mat and move your body in a way that feels good. It doesn’t need to flow, it doesn’t need to be the same side to side, it doesn’t need to be anything. Just allow yourself to feel into your body and see what creates itself.

These are my go-to remedies for the times in my life that I lack inspiration. I apply this not only to yoga classes, but to meditations, sound baths, workshops…you could say everything. I go down this list and do what I can, and more often than not... ta-da! Creativity unlocked!

A final reminder that lacking inspiration happens to all of us at some point. It's temporary, and I hope this helps you the next time you need a boost in creativity!

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